Friday, November 25, 2005


A versatile wardrobe programme designed to guarantee maximum space exploitation. The system is based on units in six widths and four heights and a single depth and is completed with end and corner units. One wardrobe can combine three different opening systems - hinged, hinged folding and sliding doors - side by side. The internal structure is melamine and the exterior can be cherry, natural oak, grey oak or wengé, or lacquered in a colour from the Molteni Range. The doors can be lacquered, in wood, with trims, or in etched, silvered or tinted glass. The new range of HGR wardrobes features an innovatory material called High Grade Resistance melamine, in which a dual melamine layer enhances the durability of the doors. The wardrobe can be perfectly levelled thanks to the exclusive aluminium structure, with micro-metrical foot adjustment, on which Glissquattro rests - guaranteeing perfectly sliding doors and efficient mechanism functioning. New Tipo Q vertical handles, for hinged and folding doors, with a shiny nickel-plated front and side inserts in brushed stainless steel, natural oak, grey oak, wengé or cherry. New Tipo R sunken handles, for hinged and folding doors, easy to grip with a chrome insert and insert and groove in the same finish as the door.
Luca Meda
Rodolfo Dordoni

Night Watch series

Designer William Brand Annet van Egmond