Sunday, November 27, 2005

niki night

Space envisaged as a creative unit, a rhythmic and harmonious whole, a dynamic element. These are the terms in which Niki, hitherto designed for the day-time areas, expresses itself in the bedroom, characteristically rigorous, solid, right-angled while generating the sensations offered by soft and inviting fabrics.
While the wood, the painted surfaces, the rich fabrics constitute its material self, the spiritual reality of Niki Night resides in the versatility of the design, capable of being assembled and recomposed, with elements added or subtracted, free-standing or accompanied, raised or lowered.
Bed, bedside tables, headboards, drawer units, containers, poufs are chest-ofdrawers natural and exhaustive variations within a single interpretative key, whose aim is to expand the concept of space and ist internal structures.
Niki Night is a design which is structured, many-sided and varied, one physically and mentally recreating the night-time mood. Even during the day.
Ennio Arosio

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