Wednesday, November 09, 2005


An upholstered element that speaks the language of functionality and aesthetic refinement. An image that is evocative and alluring, refined both in its detail and in its overall appearance, with a strongly expressive personality. Nyo's effect is to underline the sense of the home as a setting for interaction, but, at the same time, for clear delineation. A unit with lines that have been consciously designed for simplicity and modernity, Nyo does not offer us a single image but a multiplicity of effects. Three different types of arm, that all interrelate harmoniously, chrome-plated bases with feet, are all special traits that create a carefully calculated asymmetrical look. Indeed, these details make Nyo a product that is always different, one that can appear traditional or a sharp break with that tradition.
Nyo's structure is in solid fir wood with plaited elastic band springing and filling in foamed polyurethane covered with termal lap. Backrest cushions are filled with washed and sterilized feathers mixed with silicone-treated polyester fibre. The seat is in polyurethane foam covered with termal lap. The fabric covers are completely removable.
Designer Norberto Delfinetti

Night Watch series

Designer William Brand Annet van Egmond