Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Freeform Sofa & Ottoman

Isamu Noguchi was more of a sculptor than a designer. His sculptural style exerted a lasting influence on the organic design language of the 1950s. Noguchi’s Freeform Sofa differs completely from other designs of this time. His sofa looks like a sculpture made from two large flat river stones, yet, by way of its narrow organic form, it has a dynamic and light appearance. Noguchi emphasizes this effect with a thin but extremely comfortable upholstery and selection of fabrics in natural colors. Only few Freeform Sofas and Ottoman were produced around 1950 and these rare originals are now paid record prices at auctions. The Vitra Design Museum, authorized by the Isamu Noguchi Foundation, is now offering the sofa in its original form. It is perfect for living rooms, but is also ideal for lobby, hotel or boutiques settings.

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