Sunday, December 11, 2005

Stripes Collection

The Stripes Collection was developed from an idea by Marco Viola; a prototype of the design was later made for the publication of the fifth book in the Blueindustry series. Stripes, coloured stripes representing a symbol of individuality and an expression of freedom. The pieces in this collection have high visual impact and are designed to stand out in all kinds of environments where recognisability is an important factor.
Stripes is composed of a bookcase and a desk in two width/height combinations, and three different colourways: multicolour, shades of green or shades of grey. These pieces can be used individually and their remarkable uniqueness will lend an unforgettable distinctiveness to executive offices, meeting rooms, shops and entrance and reception areas.

Fantoni Spa
Zona Industriale Rivoli
33010 Osoppo [Udine]

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