Monday, May 15, 2006


An innovative and organic way of furnishing with depth as the main protagonist: an endless number of recessed compartments in different shapes and sizes where to store books, objects, plasma or LCD TVs and any other media equipment.
Various options available, either as horizontal or freely-combinable configurations so as to create an endless number of innovative and functional compositions with strong identity.
Inside “Line”, a system characterized by horizontal lines.
Recessed compartments, also in large size and at full length, to solve modern storage problems with strong identity.
Inside “Art”, a system you can design your own
Horizontal vertical and square recessed compartments, freely combinable to create custom-made configurations of strong impact.

A wall panel self-supporting system characterized by a significant distance from the wall. It incorporates recessed compartments and drawer cabinets which exploit its depth. Access to the cables and use of LCD/Plasma TVs is possible at different points.
Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

MDF Italia
Via Morimondo, 5/7
20143 Milano

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