Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The armchair Cocca is the synthesis between hard/soft: on one hand the strong frame in plastic made out of one mould, then polished in the colours white, red and black.

Carlo Colombo
Arflex int./Italy


Patrick Jouin


position massage sofa

2 persons sofa not only of excellent design with high quality and comfortability but equipped with first-class massage mechanism accompanied by electric reclining system. The technology of POSITION could turn your living room to the relaxation room according to the demand.
Aesthetically designed seat and back are composed by the layer of moulded polyurethane foam and polyurethane foam supported by the internal steel structure. With the rectangular shaped seat cushion, POSITION affords the perfect comfort and relaxation as an essential seating.
While, the seat of POSITION is equipped with the first-class massage mechanism. By manipulating the controller set at the back part, the seat could be automatically reclined at the favourable angle and enable you to enjoy massage operation. The foot part will also be automatically lifted up and offers the comfortable position.

King–Miranda Associati

CIX Bldg. 2-20-7 Ebisuminami
150-0022 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Monday, July 24, 2006

FlexiTube modular shelving

FlexiTube is mobile and can be changed into a transparent room partitioner. This fantastic tube rolls and fits into any corner and changes into a sculpture of a shelf.
Doris Kisskalt

Bd love series

Ross Lovegrove


Ferruccio Laviani


This sculptural chair is characterised by an organic upholstered backrest offering a comfortable area to lean on and a horizontal surface for the use of laptops. Matching tables and par vents supplements these seats creating a completely new and futuristic office world with regeneration character.
Martin Ballendat


Part of the Rossin 2004 collection Yuku, which in Japanese means “going forward”, is a narrow sofa created to develop linearly along varying curved paths, in a continuous and infinite progression explores new areas and view points of the environment. Its light silhouette with understated metal legs does not intrude the space but, rather, seems like a floating structure that identifies possible paths The design includes a metal double shelved unit that can be added as a cantilever to the end of the sofa. The stretch fabric covering the upholstery contributes to the contemporary style that distinguishes this sofa.
Setsu & Shinobu Ito

Lounge Sofa

Xavier Lust

Saturday, July 01, 2006


John Hutton


Germán Rodríguez Arias


A contemporary interpretation of the sofa in the old Turkish home. The base dressed with a choice of modern material and freely dispersed back and seat cushions brings an important effect to the personality of the design. While the body resembles a simple base with it’s horizontality gives a peaceful impression; the flexibility of freely dispersed cushions consolidates the sensation of freedom and comfort. seku; with it’s single, double and triple sitting units and ottoman alternatives is a new language for the contemporary home.
Faruk Malhan


Lino Codato

Night Watch series

Designer William Brand Annet van Egmond