Monday, January 29, 2007


Bibendum is a one of a kind. Nowhere in the history of design will one find an armchair that compares to this. It is captivatingly harmonious despite its size and unites a majestic impressiveness with charm and esprit like no other leather armchair. Eileen Gray underscored the character of her endearing parlour lion with twinkling irony, she named it after the Michelin man, whose form this armchair calls to mind.
Eileen Gray

Ravioli Chair

Ravioli is a comfortable seat for everyday use, its form is the result of a largely automatic design process. By means of the opportunities afforded by computer simulation, a square surface is blown up in three dimensions into a spatial shape that can support any number of uses, offering a rest, a seat, armrests, and a backrest. Ravioli therefore constitutes a contemporary interpretation of classical upholstered furniture.
Greg Lynn


Verner Panton


Antonio Citteri0


A new dimension in sitting and reclining has been created with Lava Studio Vertijet has developed a model which is sitting-reclining-lounge furniture in one. Its flowing forms invite you to relax in different sitting and reclining positions – on several levels.
Studio Vertijet


The name, clearly of Oriental origin, evokes a rarefied atmosphere of large Ottoman divans, of relaxation; indeed, the dimensions are large, airy, the cushions are connected up invisibly, standing on the ground. Large hems, taut fabrics, elegant and precious, smock stitch out of scale on the sides, confer a flavour of understated luxury.
Patricia Urquiola


This sofa by the Scandinavian design group „Norway Says“ is like the trailblazing jazz coming out of Northern Europe sensual, clear and unpretentious. But it is this very Understatement which gives it its magical presence. Juno looks good from every angle.

Night Watch series

Designer William Brand Annet van Egmond